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Imagine making sales while you sleep! The awesome benefit of a webstore is that it generates passive income – it’s open 24/7 and accessible by any target market worldwide. That means anyone anywhere can buy your products anytime!

CyberMedSITES makes building your webstore fast and easy! You’ll be able to

  • Choose responsive designs from our updated collection!
  • Drag and drop high quality images right onto your pages!
  • Use up to 4000MB of data storage space!
  • Build your own custom forms!
  • Merge in your existing mailing list!
  • Enjoy free hosting, email, and site backups!
Vector illustration of e-commerce flat design concept.

And, best of all, you can test run your webstore for 10 days – Risk free!

You’ll be able to sell virtually any product in your customized catalog – from digital information products like eBooks and training DVDs to handmade craft items to commercial products. Your customers will be able to shop from the comfort of home – no dealing with traffic, no searching for parking, no standing in long lines at the mall! CyberMedSITES offers some awesome features!

Shopping Cart and Payments

CyberMedSITES’ Buy Now buttons make it easy for your customers to shop! You’ll enjoy setting up your product displays and configurable shopping cart. You can also customize your store policies and the currencies you’ll accept. Support has been added for the First Data Global payment gateway, Google Trusted Stores, and Google merchant settings (BRAND, GTIN, MPN). Your shoppers can set up an account at your store or check out as a guest without requirement to register. Connect your webstore to your merchant services account and sales will be deposited directly into your merchant account or bank.

Set your account up to send you an email alert each time a sale is made in your store! (But you’ll soon want to turn that alert feature off – you’ll have so many sale notices overloading your inbox!)



Your customers will be able to enter contact info, select shipping, set billing info, and submit orders all on one page!

New Responsive Designs

We have recently added 10 new responsive themes that you can customize to fit your brand – no need to learn code! CyberMedSITES provides you with a pre-made foundation, pre-optimized for display on mobile devices. Our designs look great on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices! The new responsive banner mode automatically adjusts your banner image to fit in its entirety on any device screen. Use our designs just as they are or customize them with your own colors, background images, spacing, and more. Build it your way and pick a new layout when you want a new look! CyberMedSITES will shift your data to the new format automatically! We automatically back up your site on a regular basis so you can always recover lost data.

Visual Enhancement Options

Visual imagery adds interest and engagement to your site – your customers will stay longer if your site has great pictures and video! They’re more eager to buy a product they can see. CyberMedSITES lets you include high-quality images of your products, video demonstrations, and other visuals to enhance the shopping experience. Just drag images from your picture files to your website and link to/embed videos on your YouTube or Vimeo channel. Try our new PinIt button! Enabling this feature adds Pinterest scripting over the images on your site so visitors can easily share your pictures!

Here’s another tip:  Blurry, low resolution images will make your products and site look cheap and unprofessional. Use exceptional quality, full color images to boost your sales!

Form Builder Templates

CybermedSITES offers you the ability to create custom forms to capture, unify and store the data you need. Simply modify a template form or build one from scratch with our drag and drop form elements. Form field labels can optionally display inside the form field boxes.

Shipping, Inventory and Database Management

Shipping options include UPS, USPS (with up-to-date rates), and FedEx. You also have the option to offer free shipping on all orders!

Manage your complete inventory of products with corresponding images in your CyberMedSITES webstore! Customize your product display and easily ad, edit, and remove products from your store. You can display an unlimited number of multi-level categorized products on your site that shoppers can sort by product name and price and set up digital products for download. With our new editor enhancements, you can also set up time-limited sales, coupons for select customers, Buy X-Get Y deals, gift certificate redemption, and order tracking for customers. Collect valuable customer feedback on your products with our product review and comment options.

Enjoy easy import and export of your customer database information! Maintain important data within your store such as customer demographics, past purchases, and preferred buyer options. This makes it easy to build relationships with your customers and respond to their individual needs.

Are you ready build your eCommerce empire?

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